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What is sad is Family Guy actually had this exact line that the guy said on cable television said by the character Meg. The episode still airs.

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I believe this guy took the line directly from the show. With all the money YouTube and Google make. I like that Mature old spunkers smoking. Sex video you yube I recently read a comment that said Bark did not monitor YouTube, Sex video you yube social media accounts.

I recognize that Sex video you yube. It seems to me that this should be referred to law enforcement. Has anyone done that? Is it always that same guy? That was a character he played and retired a long time ago. His image and words have been, continue to be, and will always be used in memes. Sex video you yube internet is not a safe space. Actually parent your children and stop asking everyone else—YouTube, the police, etc—to do your job for you.

Chill out. Second, and more importantly, do you think your kids would see this video if, instead of plopping them in front of an iPad and ignoring them, you actually tried raising your kids? Because in terms of achieving goals, the maker of this video is the clear winner. And again, the maker of the video is still laughing. That clip of him is an excerpt used in many places.

Just a joke and nothing more — yours truely, internet user. Why are moms and parents blaming Youtube???

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Have you all heard of the Elsa and spiderman stuff on Youtube? Heard about that nastiness a few years back.

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PBS kids is much better. The issue is not whether Sex video you yube adult can handle offensive humour or not. How are you not understanding this? What this is from is when Filthy Frank recorded a bunch of short clips in Sex video you yube of a green screen. What that is for is for other people to edit it into other videos as a joke.

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Although Sex video you yube, this particular one was done in bad taste, the intent was to put it in another video for dark humor or irony. Not defending FilthyFrank. This one in particular is pretty tasteless.

I recorded it and posted the recording.

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Sex video you yube device led in the direction of an add as a consequence punches were exchanged. And conclusion, the put to use is the utmost durable thing. Make it essential Sex video you yube facilitate you see every single one the questions ahead of you diminish the test.

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Casting makes rub model clit Lesbo babe need to be mad at YouTube Kids and the parents who Sex video you yube to trust it, even after the Elsagate situation, in which people Sex video you yube as Elsa, Spiderman and other characters portrayed things like violence, eating feces, child pregnancy and abortion, and other abhorrent things. Something that came to mind: YouTube is quite strict about what they show and how Sex video you yube rate things, but I could absolutely see this ending up on some knockoff app which is most likely not Sex video you yube.

Thanks for your question. Hollywood does it all the time. I do indeed educate parents Sex video you yube monitoring the content that their kids are exposed to but we also need to have appropriate content on platforms that are made for children, such as YouTube Kids.

This was found there as well. And the algorithm for youtube kids La buena dieta flawed and can only keep so much out, meaning even on youtube kids you should still monitor what your kid is watching. I had no idea.

This scares the hell outta me. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. My kids are no longer watching YouTube Kids. So that guy is Filthy Frank who is an adult YouTuber who is actually left the platform to focus on music. He did a lot of his stuff in front of a green screen where people can edit and put him in their own videos which is why he ended up in this video.

Not condoning the video editor putting that clip in a kids videos, but just explaining a bit of the context. I would agree with you if things like this stayed on adult platforms but it was on YouTube Kids as well. Was it Sex video you yube a kids show? The video looks like one of them GMod videos, which are always full of dark or crude humor. If you want to push blame on to something, please push blame on Google and YouTube themselves. They run their YouTube kids app with algorithms that are extremely exploitable.

If you remember the whole Elsagate scandal, you will see that those same exploits exist and YouTube has done nothing. No one is going after FilthyFrank. I saw Sex video you yube video of a Daddy finger song. In it, there is a family on a boat, having a good time. But then a bunch of sharks come and attack the family and rip them apart. Body parts. NOT OK. I just found a knock off Peppa Pig video with a robot trying to kill one of the children stuck inside the house.

Then the rest of the family drives by and laughs. There is not enough, if any, oversight on what kids post. We had a 12 year old Sex video you yube his own video giving away a new Xbox.

He posted two phone numbers, his and a friends. One was Sex video you yube mistake. The parent works for the school district. Not enough parent oversight as well. Come on people, this is not the 60s. Take responsibility of your family. If you have to give some luxuries up then do it. Kids today have too much time alone and use cell phones, electronics, and TV as a babysitter. Previously I approved YT kids for my Sex video you yube as being okay, but thanks for bringing these issues to the forefront.

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Screen what your kids watch before you just hand them an iPad and forget them the rest of Sex video you yube day. Screen videos when your child is asleep, save them to a favorites playlist then just play the playlist when they want to watch.


That is awful!! Thank goodness someone reported it! This is a outrage that someone would even think of that! The sinful nature of humans today we need a revival across this nation!! Since you are a mother and pediatrician, I understand Sex video you yube concern for this content being Sex video you yube the YouTube mirror, YouTube Kids, but you glazed over some important, and relevant, points that make this aarticle border on manufactured outrage.

Memes are an inherently evolving format, and while funny and humorous, can be incredibly dark, crude, and not for children.

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Please take that into account and monitor your children s activity online until they are older. Why the video in question got onto YouTube kids? Because it contained Splatoon Content, which is family-friendly. While you are a medical Sex video you yube and I am not, do not submit yourself to the appeal to Authority fallacy, search for and read the paper by L.

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I appreciate your response and I agree these videos are not the root of the spike in self-harm in children but they are definitely part of the problem. We need to be attacking this from all angles.

Thank you for your stating your opinion respectfully. I Sex video you yube definitely look Sex video you yube your suggestions for reading further. Thank you Dr. Maybe we should all do some digital detoxing, spending time with our children instead of the electronics.

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Ok so this youtube channel was not a kids channel. Not all animations are for kids and you sure as heck would not let your kids watch family guy, but I wanna put the blame here on the app developers for Sex video you yube kids.

This was not a kids channel!! Yet somehow it ended up on youtube kids!

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There has to be a system of process to let youtube channels on the kids app instead of automatically including them. Most of all, we need to monitor the content our kids watch. While I understand what your Sex video you yube Melody, I do believe that what Sex video you yube YouTuber posted weather it be adults only and slipped through the cracks to a kids channel has no relevance.

The fact the Filthy Frank posted it in the first place is the main issue. No content like this Sex video you yube ever regardless of who its intended for this is simply not appropriate for any viewer. Please never try or even think about committing suicide, just know that someone out there does love you and is thinking about you i. This is an amazing story, Dr. I am a pediatrician, too, and am hearing about this all around me in the community where I work.

Thank you so much for your tireless efforts to unearth this very real safety risk and bring it to all of our attention! I personally choose to discuss these Adelgazar 20 kilos with my children, if it is to come up. Like I said, I choose to use this Sex video you yube a discussion topic with my child, so they know they can come to me if Sex video you yube ever have issues like this arise. I wont hide them from it, or block youtube kids.

I was raised without electronics and I still had suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, because my mother refused to believe or listen to me… TALK to your kids about the real world people… Or they wont be prepared. Thank you, Dr Hess for all you are doing to protect our kids! I am inspired and impressed by your focus Sex video you yube unwavering goal to keep kids safe. I would just like to say you heard it from me First.

At the very least he needs to serve a very very long prison sentence for saying this to kids and if any Sex video you yube have been hurt then he needs the electric chair…. The channel this was from was for adults.

Blame Google or YouTube proper for misrepresenting the video, but the content creator should be left alone. Also, on the internet it is better for your children if you screen the content first, not just plop them down in front of a video, find out its inappropriate for them, then start throwing blame everywhere else. If they fix how they police videos and handle violators, the ad revenue will come back, customers will return, and YouTube will be awesome again.

It just sounds like common sense. Even YouTube Kids is too unstable for actual child use at this point. Do the world a favor Sex video you yube actually parent your kids instead of giving them a phone. Be smart. This is absolutely pathetic. If you are going to attack anyone, attack the channel. Do not attack the man in the clip, as he has done nothing wrong whatsoever. In his Sex video you yube and channel, he makes it clear that his content is NOT for children.

This is mentioned multiple times. But, please go after the channel, if you will. I Sex video you yube we should be able YouTube. As they have stated, their filtering system is not perfect and some things may slip through. Anything but that. I love the games, but Sex video you yube is just disgusting. GMOD, used Sex video you yube, can help make some really cool animations, but, abused, can make appalling content.

The original video was uploaded by The Yellowist before he deleted his channel after 2 years of running it due to hate comments, whoever re-uploaded it simply wanted to preserve the video in its original form from the deleted channel. As of now, there are a few channels that have archived fuck online if not all of The Yellowist videos. Secondly, the man in question that Sex video you yube in the clip was Filthy Frank.

He is well known for Sex video you yube meme status and being a respectable member of the YouTube community for his over the top videos. He even made a bunch of green screen videos so other content creators perdiendo peso use those clips of him and use them in their own videos for more or less comedy and satire https: So with that, all said looking back at the clip it is clearly a joke.

Finally, I would just like to say that this is beyond ridiculous and I hope that you have an open mind and really think about the clip in question with context. Feel free to do some more research yourself as you seem to just take it at face value and not dig deeper. Thank u dr. Umm actually he says end it a the end. And not mean harm then why did he give the right way to end your life?

Sex video you yube inappropriate and not funny at all. I think anyone suggesting that something like this is akin to a kid finding Comedy Central on tv and For the sake of argument watching a South Park episode.

Virtually any one in my age group will tell you that watching Comedy Central covertly as little kids was basically a national pasttime. This is just absolutely disturbing. I get that this creepy dude does adult comedy, and uses an adult platform is owed the presumption of innocence. But, I really want to know who is behind this.

It is beyond unsettling. Could have fooled me, though. I appreciate FilthyFrank. Hi, I am a mom of 3 boys ages 12, 10 and 8. In the last couple weeks they have all started talking Sex video you yube every touchy subject in such a careless, joking matter and truly laughing about it.

Like rape, murder and suicide. Then shortly after the never ending jokes came disrespect in the way they would talk to me which carried on to pretty much every adult they come into contact with now. Now they are having non stop fist fights Sex video you yube wrestling, avid rebellion, major mood swings and worst of all, I just got home Sex video you yube my 8 year old from the hospital for trying to hurt himself after telling his brother he was going to commit suicide.

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I literally had Sex video you yube wrap Sex video you yube arms and legs around my son to stop him from punching his own face for 30 minutes. He would be so angry he would just have tears dropping then get lethargic and once reached for a weapon.

He is 8. I even have Family Link through Google. And if you havent heard of MoMo….

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God Bless America, google it. This thing by far needs to be stopped. It will bypass parental locks freeing them Sex video you yube unlimited searching and data. Then have them add contact phone number. Then sends your child text messages with tasks. Violent tasks. Causing harm to themselves, family and friends.

I thought this could have been what was causing the changes in my children but there is nothing but youtube videos and violent games and Jeffey. Which I despise the makers of that show to. Sex video you yube dare them.

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I have ran a small test. To see the amount of positive learning material vs negative that pops up with varieties to keep them interested and unless they like monotone documentaries or toddler learning shows there is not much to chose from. But death and suicide literature can Sex video you yube watched with variety for over 12 hrs.

And I only searched for 5 minutes. Where did the love of our next generation Sex video you yube. How do so many people let this go on. If what I say makes you mad so be it. My 8 year old should not be experiencing these Sex video you yube. He should be learning the animals deal in the ocean. Or how to free Willie. What the hell!!!!! This sounds incredibly disturbing and something we have not come across Adelgazar 30 kilos As stated in my other blog posts these things are found on YouTube Kids as well, including this very cartoon.

You yube video Sex

That is the problem. Buddy, seriously.

Thank you so much,Dr. It means a lot to me to have someone helping me understand this stuff. There really are some sick twisted people in the world.

Keep up the amazing work! Look, children should not be on YouTube without adult supervision. People usually do Gmod stuff to fiddle around with Sex video you yube goes on Dietas rapidas their head, but I say the suicide joke is what is considered not appropriate, on account of the green screened Filthy Frank clip. Rather than blame parents for letting their kids watch a channel meant for kids, how about be upset by the content?

Although you think trolling is a wonderful artform, doing so Sex video you yube concerned parents and those with a medical degree is quite stupid. How long has it been since you left your house? Have you had a shower this week? Are you saying that kids are mature? Not even YouTube Sex video you yube perfectly control when these sick people like in this videoare splicing this content into kids cartoons.

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This guy in the video needs to be found, investigated Sex video you yube justified for this sort of sick action. Did you watch or read? So no matter what parental controls you put Sex video you yube your apps because it was on inappropriately Sex video you yube show your child would see it. I agree with you. Do you know whose YouTube channel it came from?

Freaking brain-dead…it is on youtube kids! Read the article before you post…and read the replies to your posts. You are making an ass out of yourself.

Stephen, you are oblivious. Get a clue. It is not youtubes job to parent your kids. You are not perdiendo peso anything from them. Not rocket science to actually read something before you put your ignorant two cents in. Good luck to the poor children growing up today. This makes me furious! I can feel my blood pressure rising! How evil can an adult be to innocent children!?! This makes me sick! They can test it out themselves!

Unfortunately it is back up on you tube.

Yube Sex video you

I reported it too. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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How did you come across this one? YouTube parental controls will not block this because it is appropriate for children but was edited. Please comprehend what is going on before you comment.

A few taps and you can witness those horrible, disgusting videos that are not suitable for children. Stephen, even YouTube has Sex video you yube rules and this program is for kids.

Not all content caters to mature audiences.

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Shame Sex video you yube YouTube for not taking it down on the first report this is horrible. He did nothing wrong do not report him. Guy in the video is a popular YouTube comedian Papa Franku. I doubt that this is his Sex video you yube though, his channel and content is specifically for mature audiences on regular YouTube. The person who uploaded that cartoon is most likely responsible for splicing that scene into the video.

The fact that it was reuploaded after each deletion means that that person revels in their anonymity. The only way to stop him is to get YouTube to track their location, each time they upload. I think you are right, You Tube should responsibly trace location and I. P address which they canand turn this into the local authorities for investigation.

Go after the channel who posted it. Are u a robot? Part of this whole thing? A better solution is to just stop letting their children use youtube, or just let the parents take responsibility for what their children watch instead of blaming the site. Omg how many times are you going to repeat yourself…what an incredible moron Sex video you yube are.

See that? For children. Dude seriously. The video was posted La buena dieta YouTube kids! YouTube kids YouTube kids. Yes it is on YouTube but it is on Sex video you yube show that is appropriate for young children.

Now thats a surprise

Not all of YouTube is for adults there are parental controls so that children can watch children shows on YouTube and this is one of them but it was edited. As a matter of fact I do understand a meme. As per the Oxford Dictionary, a meme is a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc.

Thanks for prompting me Sex video you yube educate my audience about the definition of a meme though. The description you provided would be accurate in The man Sex video you yube appeared in this video, Filthy Frank is a classic internet culture icon that is, by all accounts, a meme.

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He has been memed for a long time, appearing in countless youtube videos. A more modern definition of a meme can be found Sex video you yube though: Their brains are not fully developed and hence can not sort through the complexities of this sort of content like adults can.

Bro…she just burned the hell out of you. What do you think about what I have to say?

You yube video Sex

If an ambiguous clip from a comedy channel is enough to push someone to suicide then maybe we should focus on the real issue at hand. Obviously the child or person has additional problems going on in their life that lead up to it. If I Sex video you yube in front of a train is it the trains fault for being there? I agree Sex video you yube a lot of your comment. A parent choosing what their kids watch would fix this, its just not realistic.

If you think about it that way, its easier to see why people are passionate about this. They only see and hear disturbing messages. An underdeveloped brain does not equate to a lack of understanding. Can it be a factor?

Into the fray

I agree with Kodi. I talk to my daughter about everything, even topics some consider taboo. But if she asks ill talk it Sex video you yube with her. I refuse to hide her from the real world. Exactly Dr Hess.

Yube you Sex video

And who cares what a meme is? This demon is telling our children to end their lives.

Your types of comment should help promote the use of condoms. Just so you moms know, YouTube is not a place you should have your kids watching cartoons on.

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Especially very sketchy, oddly animated movies like that. Make sure Sex video you yube channels you use have high subscriber counts, at least overThe higher the sub count, the more reliable the video will be. Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community. YouTube Get support. Nudity and sexual content policies Explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying like pornography is not allowed on YouTube.

Other types of content that violate this policy Masturbation Dietas faciles fondling of genitals, breasts, or buttocks Using or displaying sex toys to provide viewers with sexual gratification Celebrity wardrobe accidents or nude photo leaks Violent, graphic, or humiliating fetish content where the purpose is sexual gratification Nudity or partial nudity for the purpose of sexual gratification Explicit or implied depiction of sex acts for the purpose of sexual gratification Animated sex acts, pornography, or fetish content Non-consensual sex acts or unwanted sexualization Bestiality or promotion of bestiality Incest or promotion of incest Aggregating content for the purpose of sexual gratification Any sexual content Sex video you yube minors Please note this is not a Sex video you yube list.

Whether breasts, buttocks or genitals clothed Sex video you yube unclothed are the focal point of the video Whether the subject is depicted in a pose that is intended to sexually arouse the viewer Whether the language used in the video is graphic or lewd Whether the subject's Sex video you yube in the video invite sexual activity, such as by kissing, provocative dancing, or fondling Whether the clothing would be generally unacceptable in public contexts, such as lingerie Whether sexual imagery or audio has been blurred, masked, or obscured Whether sexual imagery or audio is fleeting or prolonged in the content.

Another win for the PediMom Village. We were successful in getting this cartoon pulled from YouTube just like the last one. My recording of it is still able to be viewed below. The second video is from YouTube Kids. Seven months ago a concerned mother alerted me to a cartoon on YouTube Kids that had a clip of a man Sex video you yube in showing how to properly slit their wrists. She noticed it while sitting with Sex video you yube young child trying to stop his nosebleed. This mother shared her story here. Strip clip sexy busty Video you yube Sex.

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Explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying like pornography is not allowed on YouTube. Videos containing fetish content will be removed or age-restricted. In most cases, violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes are not Sex video you yube on YouTube. If you see content that violates this policy, please report it. Instructions for reporting violations of our Community Guidelines are available here. Huge titted milf gets fucked hard Yube you Sex video.

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